​​​​​Spartans Hair Clinic & Academy



  • ​​The SMP is a safe solution that does not involve invasive surgery.  It is a method of depositing pigment into the dermal layer of your scalp (Hairline Tattoo).
  • ​It creates a natural looking hairline - IT DOES LOOK REAL (more photos--- Instagram: Spartans Hair Clinic)  
  • ​It hides failed hair transplant and surgery scars.  Your thinning hair and scarring will be covered by our highly trained and certified specialists.
  • ​is a semi-permanent procedure. It last up to a few years . You just need an upkeep procedure every 1-2 years. 
  • ​We do not use the traditional tattoo ink.  It does not fade to blue or green over time.
  • ​We utilize a high quality digital permanent makeup machine (not a tattoo gun) to create the illusion of individual hair follicles
  • ​The pain level is extremely low (less painful than an actual tattoo) - Our clients have fallen asleep during the procedure.  
  • ​Cost effective - Convenient financing available to qualified individuals from as little as $20 per week
  • ​You may go back to your normal routine life ASAP as along as you avoid direct sunlight and excessive sweating